Where it comes form

Splash - How was the idea of the system born?

Only to synchronize stocks...

Basically, the goal was simply to synchronize product inventory between our ERP (management software) and our E-Commerce website. A recurring problem, but extremely important when orders can be entered on both platforms.

In 2012, there were few very accomplished solutions, not to say no! So we developed our connector. But he very grown because each new version was accompanied by new fields to sync, always more helpful!


After one year of operation, the capabilities of the system demonstrated, they even exceeded our expectations. We then decided to extend our solution to all the "useful" data on our E-Commerce site. But before we embarked on development, we tried to optimize and simplify our system.

  • How to minimize the size of the code needed?
  • How to guarantee the security of exchanges?
  • How to ensure compatibility with the evolution of our applications?

A few weeks later, the fundamentals of Splash technology were born...


Only a few years later, when we decided to switch to the PrestaShop platform, the Splash Sync project actually started.

With the accumulated experience and the development of our connector on this new application, we decided to give our Synchronization system a chance to fly on its own.

Save time, but not only ...

Year after year, our technology has grown. It was simplified, standardized to become reliable and universal.

Most importantly, we do not limit ourselves to the simple synchronization of your data, but we have reflected in the smallest details of the solutions and tools that we were able to bring you to optimize as much as possible the use that you make of your cloud applications.

And everything is not yet available, some surprises will come in the coming months ...