Your user interface has a new look !!

Your user interface has a new look !!

The bright new Splash User Interface

Your user interface has a new look !!

After two years of good and loyal service, we have completely redesigned the user interface. For aesthetic reasons, of course, but above all to integrate the latest web technologies, make it faster, more efficient, more intuitive.

For two years now, you have trusted us to synchronize your websites and I thank you!
We are constantly working on improving our services and I hope that these new features will allow you to go even further, thanks to Splash.

B. Paquier Splash Founder

Here are some of the novelties that we are happy to present to you.

Perform targeted actions

It will now be much easier to manage your daily data catalogs by performing bulk actions on targeted data.

From the explorer, you can select the objects of your choice, then perform an import, export, or synchronization for all of the selected data. No need to perform these operations one by one.

For example, you can import or export a batch of customer orders in just three clicks.

Optimized data search

Finding data synchronized by Splash can sometimes be laborious, which is why we have redesigned the way we offer you to search in your catalogs. The data search is now extended to more fields and allows the search of words (text search).

It is therefore now possible to search for a product in your catalog via all or part of its title and not only its SKU.

Account activity tracking

Not always easy to understand what Splash is doing? Indeed ... For you, Splash must be simple, fun. For us, it is a complex synchronization engine made up of thousands of micro tasks to be processed.

This is why the monitoring of background tasks has been revised in order to offer the user real legibility on the work in progress on his account.

From now on, you will be able to follow in real time the synchronization, but also the progress of analyzes and mass actions on your data. At a glance, you know where you are.

Errors management

So far, in case of problems during synchronization, several attempts were made, but the time between each attempt was not defined.

You will now see new information appear in the status of your data. If a request fails, the task will not be restarted from the next operation, a waiting time of 1 min, then 1 hour, then 5 hours will be applied before each new attempt.

Our goal is simple, to be able to compensate for a temporary disconnection of one of your servers. In theory, with this new method, if this cut does not last more than 5 hours, your data will remain synchronized.

Data analyzer

The data analyzer has been completely redesigned! After the ten thousand data, we are not going to lie, doing an analysis could take hours! So, in order to be able to process the large catalogs within a reasonable time, we have plunged back into the algorithms to optimize them as much as possible.

The entire analysis process is now parallelized and indexing systems have been put in place. If the import times remain incomprehensible, the processing times have literally melted!

In particular for very large catalogs: the analysis of a catalog of 5000 products on 3 sites has gone from fifteen minunte to ... one!

Mass treatments

If the mechanics remain there, the mass import / export functionality has also been reviewed in order to provide more finesse in the choice of data to be processed. Also, it is now possible to preview the data that will be impacted by the operation.

We plan to add even more features in the coming months. If you have specific cloud cases to show us, don't hesitate to send us your suggestions!

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