For whom is Splash designed for?

Splash - Who is this innovative technology for?

Ideally, everyone can use Splash, professionals as individuals. However, Splash is particularly suited to the activities of e-commerce, business management or customer data management.


YES! The E-Commerce is in the DNA of Splash, it was the instigator and is still today one of the sectors in which Splash brings the most advantages.

  • Synchronize product inventory across all applications.
  • Repatriate orders from your sales sites to your management software.
  • Synchronize all your customer databases between your ERP, E-Commerce, CRM, and more...

Retailers, Independent

Splash is here to help you structure and grow! With Splash, you can easily digitize your business by easily and cost-effectively exploiting the open-source tools that today abound on the web.

  • No installation fee, our modules are free and easy to install.
  • No complex configuration is required.
  • Our price list is adapted to all activities, even my smallest ones.


To follow your activity, to accompany your growth, a multitude of tools are at your disposal. But how to ensure the continuity of information. How to avoid wasting time transferring your data? How to integrate new tools without losing the homogeneity of your data? Using Splash of course!

  • Reduce your management fees by using online tools.
  • Facilitate data transfers by integrating the Splash connector with your proprietary applications.
  • Gain security by entrusting us with the archiving of your critical data.

Large companies

You have many systems and want to test our solution, contact us! We will offer you dedicated, integrated or outsourced servers, adapted to your needs for performance and security.

  • Dedicated & Private Servers.
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Premium Monitoring & Support