Add & Connect a new Server

Splash - Add & Connect a new Server

Connecting a new server usually only takes a few minutes.


First of all, you have to install the client module on your platform. All modules are available for download in our  Modules, section, or on the marketplace of your application.


Before connecting a server, do not forget to configure all the parameters that may be requested by the module!


By adding a server to your account, you will create new server login credentials.

Before you create it, we'll ask you to name your server.

  Trick: Use a simple and short name, it will be present everywhere!

Recover your credentials

Once the server is created, you will be shown the identifiers needed for the connection.

Server Connect

When you have entered credentials on the client application, it will perform a connection test which if successful will make your server active!


Now that your server is connected and operational, you can run refresh to enable synchronization with other servers.