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Splash, the synchronization system of innovative companies!

Simplify your e-Commerce management

Synchronize your stocks between several merchant sites? Share your customer data between all your services? With Splash, it's not just possible, it's easy and without developments.

Synchronize all types of data

Our goal is very simple, connect and synchronize your data between all the applications you use, whatever they are.

Fully Universal

Change the way you manage your apps in the cloud! Splash is a data connector unlike any other. Why? It is totally universal!!

Synchronize Everything

Thanks to Splash, all types of content can be shared and synchronized.


Our approach is declarative, that is, it is the servers that you connect to your Splash account that define the data to be synchronized.


Splash system is totally Universal and was not designed for any specific data type, but all!

Easy to use!!

No complex configuration, everything is done automatically.


When you connect a new server (1), Splash analyzes the data it shares and identifies the best configuration to apply.


Result: No configuration!


1: Your Splash ecosystem is self-configuring and will also adapt to changes that may occur on your servers.