Refresh a Server

Splash - Refresh a server to update his identity card.

Refresh a server to update his identity card

When you have just connected a new server, or have made changes to it, it is necessary to refresh its definition. The definition of a server includes a multitude of information used for configuring exchanges, but also for displaying and managing information boxes.

By default, Splash performs this operation automatically every week.

How to do ?

To update the definition of a server, nothing more simple, just click the green button Refresh

What are we going to do?

Here is an outline of what happens when you refresh a server.

Ping & Connect

A connection test is performed to verify that the server is available and running.

Objects Listing

Splash request to your server the list of available objects and am updating their characteristics.

Widgets Listing

Splash asks your server for a list of available widgets and their definitions.


If changes have been detected, Splash will again analyze your settings and will adjust the new configuration of your environment.

  Trick: In expert mode, you can disable automatic configuration.