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No compromise between Simplicity and Flexibility

Default Configuration

By default, each application suggest its optimal configuration. Then you can adapt it to your needs, in the smallest details.

Do not want to go into details? Let Splash manage the configuration for you, it's simple and fully automated. Optimal configuration guaranteed!

Synchronization schemes

Synchronization schemes link fields that compose up your data. They are the ones who define how data will be exchanged when updates are detected.

In expert mode, everything is configurable to the smallest detail. This offer you an unparalleled tuning finesse.

Objects Management Strategies

For each application, each type of data, you decide the strategy.

Should a new customer in the eco-system be created on the application? New customer on the application, import it into the eco-system?

Set global and simple rules for organizing your data feeds.

Archive your most critical data

At the heart of your information system, Splash can archive versions of each field.

Here again, your module offers by default a selection of fields that the developer considered useful to save.

As each application is unique, feel free to you to target other fields!