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Ultra Flexible Synchronization

No compromise between Simplicity and Flexibility

By default, each application suggest its optimal configuration. Then you adapt it to your needs, the smallest details.

Synchronization schemes

They define the routing strategy for your data. By default, Splash applies the best possible configuration, but in expert mode, everything is configurable to the smallest detail.

Automatic Configuration

Do not want to go into details? Let Splash manage the configuration for you, it's simple and fully automated. Optimal configuration guaranteed!

Objects Strategies

For each application, each type of data, you decide the strategy.

Six types of actions can be configured:

Push Create
Should a new customer in the eco-system be created on the application?
Push Update
Customer modified in the ecosystem, shall we propagate the changes to the application?
Push Delete
Customer has been deleted in the eco-system, also delete it on this application?
Pull Create
New customer on the application, import it into the eco-system?
Pull Upadte
Customer updated on this application, import changes into the eco-system?
Pull Delete
Customer has been deleted from this application, also delete it in the eco-system?


At the heart of your information system, Splash can archive versions of each field.

Here again, your module offers by default a selection of fields that the developer considered useful to save.

Each application is unique, feel free to you to target other fields!

The Schemas

Synchronization schemes link the fields that compose up your data. They are the ones who define how data will be exchanged when updates are detected.

They are all configurable for a finer tuning!

When adding a new server, Splash identifies the optimal configuration for your data.
You can then edit the smallest details.