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Full Multi-Server Synchronization

A public URL or IP is sufficient

Data exchanges are exclusively made by webservice. To connect a server, it simply needs to have a public URL or IP.

No location constraint

With Splash, there is no need to keep all your applications on the same server in order to synchronize them.

Connect as many applications as you like

Splash will synchronize your data between two and ten servers, while respecting their own configuration.

More reliable

A technical issue or a server disconnection is not a problem.

All your other servers will remain synchronized.

The failure of an application will not affect your other applications.

Once the failure is resolved, your changes will be synchronized as soon as the next change occurs.


Connect your customer databases

All your applications use a client database, right? Juggling between e-commerce, management, mailing, CRM, not very easy!

With Splash, everything will go in order.

A single customer record, but not always the same data.

Your data is up to date, everywhere, all the time!