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Another view of data exchange between applications

Participative Synchronization

By connecting your applications to Splash, you do not create direct connections between servers, you give them the ability to share their data with your entire network.

Automatic Routing

Thanks to the field identification tags, your business data is automatically Shared with all servers where they are available.

No development costs

To use Splash, you just need to install our client modules. They are lightweight, free, And easy to install. Most importantly, everything is done so that you do not have a line of code to add.

More powerful than native webservices

Splash allows to go much further in the exploitation of the webservices than do the native systems.

Optimal Security

All data exchanges are encrypted. Each application has its own encryption key, it is never shared and you can revoke it at any time!

Simple and Generic

Modern applications offer webservices, but exploiting them is complex and often requires the development of specific interfaces.

Splash is a simple, generic and universal webservice, coupled with a powerful data management system. No specific interfaces to develop.

More powerful

Native webservices are often basic and generally do not allow access to all your data.

The Splash module is not intended for a single application and can access structured and complex data formats. It provides easy access to all types of data.

More efficient

Some webservices do not always respect the application's business rules.
(Direct access to data, non-triggering of specific events).

By favoring a "module" approach, Splash does not supplant the rest of the application. This will take care of the specific rules for each application.