FAQ - Install & Connect

FAQ - Server Installation & Connection

First Server Connections

You have created your account, installed your modules, but you can not connect your application with Splash?

Stay calm, the solutions are surely here!

Module Self-Test?

For each module you install, an automatic test sequence is present.

The results of these tests are usually visible on the module configuration page. Its purpose is to make sure that the module is working properly on your server and that the configuration is valid.

During the test sequence, the module will test to ping and connect with your Splash account. If everything has gone normally, you will see messages of this type.

Module Successfully Connected

Self-Test - Remote Client Ping Failed

If your module failed to reach your Splash account, you will see this error.

Splash Documentation - Module Ping Fail Error

It indicates that your module has failed to contact our servers or that the identifier you provided has not identified you.

Check that you have entered the correct identifier of your server. Without any additional character.

If you have enabled the advanced configuration mode of the module, make sure that the address of the Splash server is correct.

Ensure that your hosting allows outgoing connections, that there is no firewall, proxy, or other security that may prevent the module from communicating with the outside.

Self-Test - Remote Client Connection Failed

If your module failed to connect to your Splash account, you will see this error.

Module Connect Fail Error

It indicates that your module managed to contact our servers but that Splash failed to decode the message received during this test.

Check that you have entered the security key of your server. Without any additional character.

My server is declared but do not answer

You have correctly configured your server but once declared, can not refresh the data?     Some points to check to ensure proper operation.

Check that the declared address is accessible and that it corresponds to the Splash webservice. If the address is not accessible, the module has not been able to detect its location. In this case, check the configuration of your server.

Error : Response not of type text/xml: text/html

More technical, this error indicates the format of the data returned by your server (text/html) does not correspond to that expected by Splash (text/xml). In most cases, you will get this error if your server uses the HTTPS protocol.

Response not of type text/xml: text/html


If your server requires a connection via the HTTPS protocol and you have not enabled this option on the server form, you may see this error. Activate the HTTPS mode to restore communication.

If you are not in this case, be aware this error isn't due to a wrong configuration of your server, but to default configurations that require the server to responds with in text/html format.


If you are using a NGINX server, open your server's configuration file and look for the add_header Content-Type text/html; line. If you find it, delete it...

location ~ .php$ {
       add_header Content-Type text/html;


Even rarer, if you're using an APACHE server, it is also possible that the response type was forced. To solve it, browse your configuration files, but also your .htaccess files, looking for a ForceType text/html directive. If you find it, delete it ...

       ForceType text/html

  Shared or Free Hosts: If you use a shared host (or free), it is possible that this configuration was done by your provider to limit the use you make of its service. In such case you may not be able to use Splash without upgrading your hosting plan.