Connect and sync your Shopify stores with Splash

Connect and sync your Shopify stores with Splash

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New! Connect and Sync Shopify with Splash

One more E-Commerce platform that is now compatible with Splash: Shopify.

Shopify allows thousands of entrepreneurs to easily create and manage their online store, without the need for web development skills.

Using Splash, connect your Shopify stores to the rest of your data ecosystem for even more optimal management of your business, no matter its size!

What will be synchronized

Once connected to your Shopify store, Splash will be able to access and synchronize all the main data of your online activity.

  • Customers with their delivery and billing addresses.
  • Your Products catalog
  • Orders & Invoices for all orders placed on the shop.

To save your time

Thanks to Splash, all your sites are connected and speak the same language!

You use Dolibarr (or another compatible ERP) to manage your accounting and supervise your activities, all data will be automatically imported without any effort.

You sell some products on several online stores (WooComerce, Prestashop, Magento), in point of sale, more manual inventory update, everything is done automatically by Splash.

Save time and focus on activities that are truly profitable. Increase integration and reliability for more customer satisfaction.

Facilitate you migrations

Are you planning to migrate from Shopify to another platform? Avoid the stress of migration and gradually transfer your catalog from one platform to another.


To connect your Splash account to your Shopify store, it's easy!

On your Splash account, go to the Account page and select Shopify to create a new connection. Then enter the address of your shop and validate the form.

You will be asked to sign in to Shopify and allow Splash to access your data.

Once connected, all changes made on Shopify will now be imported to your Splash account.

If you have any questions about this connector, send us an email!

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