Remember updating your modules!

Remember updating your modules!


Update your modules to take advantage of new features!

On the occasion of the release of Dolibarr V7, we have updated the modules of the main applications. On the menu, patches and new features.

As always, you can download our modules for free on our site or in the marketplace of your applications. You can also modify them as much as you wish to adapt them to the smallest of your needs.

Then don't forget to send pull rtequests with your evolutions on our Github page in order to share benefit with our community!

Begin Migration of Module's Documentation to

We started moving module documentation to the platform. The Read the Doc format was chosen for formatting.

Several advantages to this choice:

  • The layout is more user friendly as Wikis Github.
  • The navigation is more playful and more comfortable.
  • Documentation sources are now integrated into the module sources.

Dolibarr v1.3.0

Version 1.3.0 of the Splash module for Dolibarr incorporates a multitude of small and big novelties.

  • The module was tested on Dolibarr V7.0.0 and presented no incompatibility.
  • The management of the Multicompany mode has been added. It is now possible to connect multiple Splash accounts to a single Dolibarr installation. Each being linked to a Dolibarr entity.
  • The module is finally compatible with Dolibarr's automated installer.
  • Multi-language fields management has been improved to simplify configuration.
  • For more compatibility, the module now uses the generic PHP SOAP library.
  • Documentation of the module moved to

Wordpress & WooCommerce v1.3.1

This new version of the WordPress & WooCommerce plugin now offer the possibility to use the plugin to synchronize the users of your site without having to install the WooCommerce plugin.

It also brings some improvements.

  • Better Tax Management for WooCommerce 3.2.0 and more ...
  • Fixed a bug impacting order lines priced at 0.

Prestashop v1.1.1

The Prestahop module has also seen some improvements:

  • It is now possible to choose the communication library to use (NuSOAP or SOAP Generic)
  • Discounts applied to orders are totally managed by Splash.
  • When synchronizing invoices, VAT rates are no longer calculated but re-defined according to the website's configuration.
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