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Simply synchronize any cloud applications

Simplify your e-Commerce management

Export your orders? Synchronize your stocks between several merchant sites?

Connect your E-Commerce websites in five munites!

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Wordpress E-Commerce plugin. Free, easy to use, efficient!

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One of the most used E-Commerces in the world. Extensible and Open-Source.

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The most flexible E-Commerce platform, for medium and large business.

Connect Shopify to Splash


Whether you are online, on social networks, in stores, Shopify manages all your e-commerce.

 Synchronize anything, anywhere

With Splash, any application, any website or contents may be connected and synchronized.


Connect any applications, whatever the server they are installed on


All data exchanges are encrypted to ensure optimal security level


Select, backup and restore easily your most critical data

Multi-Servers Synchronization

With Splash, there is no obligation of having your application on an unique server to get it synchronized.

Client/server exchanges are done through webservice. Your client only need a public URL or IP to get synchronize.

No location constraint

Connect as many applications as you like

Create your own ecosystem

You uses online tools? Why don't make them talk? Why not teach them to talk to each other?

Connect your applications in five munites!

Sycnhronize MailChimp with Splash


MailChimp provides marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. Send beautiful emails, advertise, and build your brand.

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One of the world's most complete Open Source ERP, also the most popular.

Sycnhronize Mailjet with Splash


Mailjet is a solution that powers email strategies across a range of different sectors and company sizes.


Client modules are open source, so you can download them for free and customize them to match your every need.

The communication protocol is open and fully documented.

No development costs

Free access to Sources Code

Find yours

Ultra Flexible

Thanks to Synchronization schemas, you can fully customize your synchronisation strategy. Whetever the server where changes are commited, you decide where modifcations are pushed.

No compromise between Simplicity and Flexibility

Automatic Configuration

Upgrade your Account

Ivory Account


Free Membership

    Up to 50 Objects

  • 2
    Up to 2 Servers

  •   Selective Versionning
  •    Access Experts features
  •   Administrators features

Silver Account

€8.00  / month

For Small Membership

    Up to 5000 Objects

  • 5
    Up to 5 Servers

  •  Selective Versionning
  •   Access Experts features
  •   Administrators features

Gold Account

€25.00  / month

For Medium Business

    Up to 25000 Objects

  • 10
    Up to 10 Servers

  •  Selective Versionning
  •   Access Experts features
  •  Administrators features

Diamond Account

€50.00  / month

For Large Business

    Up to 60000 Objects

  • 15
    Up to 15 Servers

  •  Selective Versionning
  •   Access Experts features
  •  Administrators features

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Key accounts? High traffic E-Commerces?
Opt for our private and dedicated servers with unlimited accounts.

Private Cloud and Dedicated Servers

Platinium Account

€150.00  / month

Private Cloud for High Traffic Sites

Private servers with guaranteed resources to meet the performance needs your business needs. You share your server with a limited number of users, each with its own resources.
    Unlimited Objects

  • Unlimited Servers

  •  Selective Versionning
  •   Access Experts features
  •  Administrators features

Dedicated Account

€500.00  / month

Dedicated Servers for Key Accounts

Dedicated Servers, sized for your projects. Host a dedicated Splash instance and the rest of your applications on the same servers. Unrivaled performance and total security.
    Unlimited Objects

  • Unlimited Servers

  •  Selective Versionning
  •   Access Experts features
  •  Administrators features

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