Why use a WMS for inventory management?

Why use a WMS for inventory management?
Utiliser un WMS pour la gestion de mes stocks

E-retailer: why use a WMS for my inventory management?

We hear more and more about WMS (Warehouse Management system) in the world of logistics, This is a storage warehouse management system often offered in the form of software and/or increasingly a connected web service. But what does this type of solution actually bring you?

More efficient inventory management:

A WMS offers features such as real-time inventory tracking, location management, automatic replenishment as well as analytical tools for forecasting demand, for example. The main interest is to reduce inventory errors, minimize stock shortages and therefore: improve customer satisfaction.

Increases overall productivity by optimizing workflows and turnaround times

A WMS can automate many tasks and processes related to warehouse management: reception, sorting, storage of goods, order preparation, labeling, packaging and shipping, all this while managing the different shipping methods (Chronopost, Colissimo, DHL, UPS, etc.).

Real-time order tracking from receipt to shipping

You improve the visibility of your operations, you inform the customer about the status of their order and you can intervene quickly to resolve possible problems (delay or shipping error)

Improve your warehouse efficiency with performance analysis

A WMS provides analytics capabilities to evaluate data related to warehouse productivity (processing time, resource utilization, cost analysis)

Minimizes errors when preparing orders

A WMS uses technologies such as barcode scanning, voice guidance systems to find the right locations.

WMS can easily integrate into the heart of your IT ecosystem with Splash Sync

For all these reasons Splash Sync affirms its desire to develop its activity at the heart of your data management system by offering efficient WMS solutions from our interface with partners such as ShippingBo or Logsytech.

We offer connectors for these WMS directly from your Splash Sync account, which will also allow you to connect your ERP and your e-commerce platform from a single interface, come and discover our solutions on and build your ecosystem of innovative web services!

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