Dolibarr module: V1.9.1 now available

Dolibarr module: V1.9.1 now available

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The version V1.9.1 of the Dolibarr module has been released!

It introduces a lot of technical changes on the Splash modules. But also its share of new features.

Synchronization of Categories

It is now possible to synchronize the categories of your Products with Dolibarr.

Once the new version is installed, as always, do a Refresh from your Splash account. You will then see a new field appear in your configuration table.

By default, the categories are not synchronized, it is up to you to choose from which server you want to synchronize the categories.

We recommend that you configure your synchronization to be one-way, so that synchronization is only done in one direction. Bi-directional synchronization (in both directions) can cause you a lot of problems if the categories are not exactly the same on all servers.

This synchronization is done by "attachment". This means that when you tell the module that a product is in categories A, B and C, it will look for each category and attach the product to it. If one of the categories is not found, it will move on to the next one.

Compatibility with Multi-price variant management

In recent years, there had been a gap in the management of the price levels of Dolibarr's variable products.

Since this problem has now been resolved since V10, the module makes it possible to take full advantage of these features. It is now possible to manage the price levels by variant, with specific VAT rates.

Marketplaces management

Your needs change, so does Splash !!! To meet the growing needs of marketplace management, we have improved the interface between the Splash module and Multi-Company.

The ultimate goal is to make it possible to integrate a multi-seller e-commerce site with Dolibarr. The data specific to each seller is then integrated into a specific Dolibarr entity.

Do not hesitate to contact us to work together on the implementation of such projects!


This version has been tested on Dolibarr 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13, it now requires a version of PHP greater than PHP7.2.

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