Web agencies? Administer your clients' accounts

Web agencies? Administer your clients' accounts


You are a web agency? You use Splash to save time and make your customers' lives easier?
You can now manage your customers' accounts from yours!

B. Paquier Splash Founder

The latest version of the Splash interface, in addition to improving the user experience, brings some new features, in particular, allowing web agencies and site managers to manage their clients' Splash accounts.

Manage multiple accounts from a single

The main goal is to allow you, from a single administrator account, to manage the accounts of all the customers whose sites you manage.     So you can access the configuration of their applications, manage their account, optimize their settings, or simply help them use Splash, without having to log in with their credentials.

Once a client account is connected to your administrator account, you will be able to switch accounts and browse your clients' accounts as if it were yours.

Share your rights and quotas with your customers

For each customer, you can choose to share (or not) the rights and quotas of your Splash subscription. Thus, your agency will have only one subscription to manage, no obligation to take a subscription for each customer.

When you share your rights, your customers will see their server and object quotas add up with those of the admin account.

How it works

When you set up a new project, ask your customer to create a Splash account (or create it for him).

  1. On your account, in your profile, enable Administrator mode and allow new requests.
  2. On your client's account, enable access sharing.
  3. Then enter the email address of the administrator account, and send the request.
  4. On the administrator account, you can now validate the request and enable (or not) the rights sharing.

Who can use this feature

Administrator mode is available with a Gold and Diamond account.

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