New Module! Splash for Magento 1 V0.9.0

New Module! Splash for Magento 1 V0.9.0

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Dear Magento users,

We are proud to announce the first release of Splash Module for Magento 1!

E-Commerce features

This module offer a complete access to your Magento Business data: Customers, Products, Orders & Invoice. You can connect it to any other application to consolidate you business analytics.

Default configuration was done make it's usage as simple as possible, also safe! Customers, Products & Orders are exported but import of new items is disabled.

ERP features

For a large number of users, Magento is the heart of the ecosystem. Ok... understood!

Your Magento does more than E-Commerce? Our module will do more for your business! Contrary to other E-Commerce module's, Magento 1 module has capability to import data from other online shops.

This module uses a special feature we introduced for him first: the Origin ID. Using this feature, Splash module will be able to detect where Customer & Orders have been created and attach their data to the website you have selected. This way, you can import on Magento business data from any other E-Commerce site and keep your financial dashboard on Magento.

Install Instructions & More?

As usual, a complete documentation for this module is on Github. (Aussi disponible en Français!)

If you have any kind of request about this module, send us an email!

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