Discharge of responibility

Splash - Discharge of responibility

Discharge of responibility

We strive to provide our users with the highest quality service possible. This is why all the functions proposed by Splash are the object of the most advanced tests in order to take into account the maximum of cases and scenarios of possible uses.

However, the concept of the Splash service is to allow everyone to connect between them servers and applications of all types, on which Splash can not in any way engage that responsibility. This makes it impossible for us to be held liable for any errors that may occur on any application connected to your account.


You connect your servers, regardless of their technology. It is then the responsibility of the user to ensure the proper functioning of all the Splash services he uses.

Our modules are open-source and provided "as is" without any guarantee of any kind, whatever its origin. They are totally free of rights and can be modified without limitation.

Compatibility of Splash modules with other modules present on your applications may cause malfunctions for which we have no responsibility.

Configuration of your Splash eco-system allows you to modify almost all the functions of your Splash services. It is also possible to perform mass actions that can impact data stored on one or more of your services. Splash can not be held liable for errors caused by external dervers, even if they result from actions taken on one of our sites.


When you set up your Splash ecosystem, connect your servers, take the time to test all the services we offer to make sure they meet all of your needs and do not introduce disfunctions.

Whenever possible, do not deploy Splash directly to production applications. First, make sure that your configuration is working on test systems that are as close as possible to your production environment.


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