Synchronize Mailjet with Akeneo PIm

Use Splash connectors to Synchronize your data between Mailjet and Akeneo Pim.

    Akeneo PIM Bundle
Akeneo Pim

Looking for a simple, reliable and secure solution to connect your Mailjet website with Akeneo Pim?

Splash is already compatible with both platforms. Once connected to your account, you will be able to enjoy the power of Splash connectors to synchronize your data in real time and in both directions.

What we will Synchronize
Install Mailjet

Log in to your account, create your API credentials, add an account in the Splash interface and enter your credentials.

    Akeneo PIM Bundle
Akeneo Pim
Install Akeneo Pim

Download the module on our site or on the marketplace, install it and enter the credentials provided by Splash.

You can also Synchronize MAILJET with
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No compromise between Simplicity and Flexibility.  Automatic Configuration.

Ultra Flexible

Thanks to Synchronization schemas, you can fully customize your synchronisation strategy.

Whatever the server where changes are committed, you decide where modifications are pushed.

No compromise between Simplicity and Flexibility
Automatic Configuration
All data exchanges are encrypted to ensure optimal security level.

Optimal security

The security of your data is important to you? It is so for us!

Your synchronization data is isolated and stored on our secured servers, hosted in France.

All data exchanges are encrypted
Splash does not use your data, never
Only you have access to your data